Our main AV goal is to ensure that the solution we provide meets the needs of the end user. Simple as this sounds, most companies do not ask some of the simplest and most important questions about how their clients will use the system. We always ask those questions. We aim to provide high quality audio visual equipment, professional installation, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Our team can incorporate many aspects of an AV system, as this may include a ceiling mounted high definition projector, motorized projection screen, sound system solution, or paging system.

Common venues for audio/video include:

  • Schools
  • Conference Rooms
  • Small Business Offices
  • Hospitality & Health Care Facilities
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PA And Sound Systems

n today’s world, PA systems are essential for mass communication and emergency notification. PA system installations must work with multiple inputs and sources and provide a quality sound to all the PA’s intended coverage area. Another important factor for a PA system is the spill of the PA system or the amount of sound that is going to an area that doesn’t require PA coverage, maybe a neighbor or adjacent room. A good PA system installation minimizes spill and reflection and the PA system is more efficient and clearer.

Common venues for PA systems include:

  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Churches
  • Community Centers

Projector Installation

If you are looking for projector installation services for your business or school, we have experienced technicians ready to help with your projector installation and associated cabling. Whether it is a basic install or a completely automated system, we consider all aspects within a commercial property or business when the requirement is for a projector and screen installation. This may include the ambient lighting, size of projection screen and the type of projector that will be needed. There are many other considerations to take into account, such as how to connect to the projector, whether this is done by a hard-wired connection or wirelessly, the resolution required and most importantly, the budget.

Common Venues for Projectors include:

  • Classrooms
  • Boardrooms
  • ·Reception areas
  • Ballroom